The beating heart of my research is experience. Broadly, I’m interested in user experience, but in the contemporary era, I find “user” can apply to so many positions. Students are “users” in higher education (certainly I prefer this to customers or consumers); individuals, companies, and government entities are all “users” of social media. Players are users experiencing games, and potential users might be shut out by marketing and design. Embodied experience within a system or with a product is a complicated snarl, and I’m fascinated by the ways we design for various entanglements. 

In simpler terms, my major research areas are digital aggression studies, game studies and technical communication, and writing program administration. For most of my projects, I favor mixed methods approaches, and I think research should be presented in popular and mainstream venues as well as scholarly journals. We are knowledge-makers, but our knowledge can and should have broad reach.

I am currently working on my dissertation, which explores knowledge-making practices in game studies. For more about my dissertation and my other projects, please see this breakdown of my ongoing projects, or check out my publications.