It’s cliché to talk about the student-centered classroom, but since my research focuses on experience, it’s difficult to consider my teaching in any other way. For me, one of the joys of entering a new class at the beginning of a semester is learning the dynamic of the room. The physical space. The placement of windows, if any. Is there room to move around? Can we reconfigure the seats? And then: the mood. Do my students already know each other? If so, who’s left out? Who feels too shy to speak up? Who lingers after because they’re afraid to ask questions during the session?

These are the little things, but little things can impact every lesson, and I enjoy learning what I need to do to adapt to each group so that we can all be successful in the classroom. Since I began teaching in 2011, I’ve worked with students ranging from kindergartners to those juggling families, full-time jobs, and college-level coursework, and the variety of courses and classrooms I’ve worked with has taught me that what I really value is connection. Writing is personal, embodied, and deeply entangled with the rest of our lives, and connection—with a teacher, a peer, an audience—can change everything.

I believe my focus on connection, adaptability, and experience has resulted in student success, and my teaching has been recognized with awards at the programmatic and departmental levels. I’ve also had the pleasure of working in administrative roles, which has helped me learn how programs and departments function, and how to think about curriculum design from a broader perspective.

University Courses Taught As Instructor of Record

  • ENGL 106 (First-Year Writing) – 3 sections
  • ENGL 106 8-week Summer Session – 1 section
  • ENGL 106E (First-Year Writing for Polytechnic Majors) – 6 sections
  • ENGL 106T (First-Year Writing for Purdue Statewide) – 2 sections
  • ENGL 106R (First-Year Writing Learning Community) – 1 section
  • ENGL 205 (Introduction to Creative Writing) – 2 sections
  • ENGL 420 (Professional Writing) – 4 sections
  • ENGL 420E (Professional Writing for Entrepreneurs) – 3 sections
  • ENGL 420Y (Professional Writing/Distance Learning) – 5 sections
  • ENGL 421Y (Technical Writing/Distance Learning) – 2 sections

Other Courses Taught

    • ENGL 106 for STEAM ABC (Incoming Polytechnic students; summer session) – 2 sections
    • Enrichment Instructor, “Analog and Digital Programing” (K-1), New Community School
    • Enrichment Instructor, “Pirates!” (1-2), New Community School